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Proton Persona's Orsen Undercarriage Protection Skid Plate !

11 years 3 months ago - 11 years 3 months ago #24029 by Han2Persona
Hi all!
Salam Semua!

I would like to share the latest Orsen's Car Undercarriage Protection Skid Plate to everyone. :)

1st of all,Orsen Shield ensure your car’s undercarriage such as engin,engine oil box, gear box, oil filture box be protected while driving on the road with bad condition. Orsen Shield are completely sealed, it prevents corrosion by keeping dirt, mud, water ,stone and sand from the engine compartment.
Orsen Shield are made by Latest High Tech Durable Polymers,yet tough and light! Can protect your car’s undercarriage effectively and energy effeciency!
Not only that, design of Orsen Shiled help in cooling system and every Orsen Shield facilate with air intake and air outlet, it reduce the aero dynamic drag and smoother the wind flow while driving high speed on the highway, to achieve comfort driving and fuel saving!

Orsen Shield memastikan jantung kereta anda seperti engin, engin oil box, gear box dan oil filter box dilindungi semasa memandu di jalan raya dalam keadaan yang buruk. Orsen Shield adalah completely sealed, ia mencegah kakisan dan mengelakan debu, lumpur, kotoran, batu dan pasir masuk ke dalam engine compartment dan merosakkannya.
Orsen Shield dibuat oleh High Tech Durable Polymer terbaru,bukan sahaja kukuh malah ringan, boleh menlindungi undercarriage kereta anda deng berkesan dan fuel petrol kereta juga boleh digunakan sepenuhnya!
Orsen Shield memilki design special seperti air intake dan air outlet, dapat mengurangkan aero dynamic drag dan melicinkan air flow semasa memandu laju di lebuhraya dan juga meningkatkan cooling system untuk mencapai comfort driving dan penjimatan petrol!

Lets discuss about this brand new item and Let get our Car's engine part be protected!

Have a Better Understanding by watching this Orsen Under Armour Protection Video!
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